The Bank of Mauritius Museum

The Bank of Mauritius Museum is located in the country’s central bank original premises on Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis.

The journey starts with the Arab period (12th century) and takes us across the meanders of the centuries to present-day Mauritius. Visitors have the opportunity to look at coins minted abroad by the then-colonial governments for use in Mauritius, and at gold or silver coins, like Arab dinars or British Indian mohur, which were not in use in Mauritius but nevertheless found their way to our shores nonetheless by way of the flourishing trade in the region during colonial times.

One of the centrepiece of the museum’s collection is however an early 17th century Dutch Batavia – present-day Jakarta in Indonesia – Tael (pronounced TA-EEL)

The museum is open on weekdays only from 9:30 till 16:00; entrance is free for the time being. Guided tours are available to groups on request.

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