Ile aux Aigrettes reopened to visitors & Blue Bay beach reopen for recreational activities as from12 December 2020

Ile aux Aigrettes reopens to visitors & Blue Bay beach reopens for recreational activities as from12 December 2020
Visits to Iles aux Aigrettes and recreational activities at Blue Bay beach were banned following the running aground of the MV Wakashio last July. 
Ile aux Aigrettes is a coral island of 27 hectares situated at 850 kilometres off the south eastern coast of Mauritius. Home to several unique species of flora and fauna, the island was declared a nature reserve 1965. It attracts a great number of visitors, particularly those on ecological trips. Blue Bay, also situated in the region, is one of the most popular public beaches of the Island. 
Yesterday, Cabinet took note of the lifting of the bans as from12 December 2020. 
Ile aux Aigrettes will be reopened for visits. Recreational activities, like swimming, diving, surfing and boating will be allowed as Blue Bay public beach reopens. The ban on in-lagoon fishing in the region will however be maintained. Cabinet agreed to the resumption of off-lagoon fishing activities in the regions affected by the MV Wakashio oil spill. 

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