5. Sega Dancing

Sega Dancing

You cannot possibly leave Mauritius without learning to dance a few Sega steps. Whether you have twinkle toes, or two left feet, this vibrant local dance with its distinctive African rhythm will have your hips undulating to the beat!

Each resort has its own Sega show, which is a perfect way to end an evening. The spirit of Africa resonates through the musical instruments – usually ravanne, maravanne or triangle are played, while the songs, sung in Creole, depict the Mauritian way of life. The Sega folkloric dance has been registered by UNESCO on its Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

If you want to keep moving to the beat you can purchase a range of Sega music in all music stores around the island. This folk music will bring the tropical beat into your home, and keep the Mauritian flame alive. A well-known Sega artist is Ti Frère but there are dozens to choose from, each with their unique flare. Why not buy a few, share them with your friends and teach them the Sega moves you learnt in Mauritius…