Shopping in Mauritius is an experience to live during your holidays. From the most unusual shops to the big modern shopping malls and the traditional markets, you will find a wide range of products for everyone and for all budgets. In addition, many stores offer a tax refund that will be indicated at the entrance. Almost all shops accept credit cards, but bring come cash when you visit markets and other fairs.

Shopping centres regroup both international and local brands. Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius, Phoenix Mall and Caudan Waterfront are the largest shopping centres. Bagatelle Mall is located in the centre of the island, a few minutes from the capital city Port-Louis, and features more than 150 stores. In a completely different style, the Caudan Waterfront facing the harbour in Port-Louis, is also popular with its 160 shops and the Craft Market dedicated to artisanal products. The Phoenix Mall in the centre, a few minutes from Quatre-Bornes, also offers a nice range of brands with some 80 shops. The shopping centres of Riche Terre, La Croisette in Grand-Baie, Bo'Vallon in the south, Flacq Coeur de Ville in the east and Cascavelle Shopping Village in the west, are among the many centres where you can do your shopping, stroll with the family, meet the Mauritians and, of course, eat in one of the many snacks and restaurants in the food courts located in these malls.


You can’t travel to Mauritius without visiting its markets! These places are the very reflection of the Mauritian community with unique colours and scents. From vegetables and seasonal fruits to street-food, the tour in a market will be an adventure, liven up with the resourceful chatter of the vendors… In some places, the vegetable market gives way to the clothing market on some days, and there are good deals to grab!

The unmissable Port-Louis market is very popular, even if you do not buy vegetables, you will definitely enjoy a visit inside, especially during summer. Don’t hesitate to taste local street food and engage in conversation with local customers and sellers.

Shopping at the Quatre-Bornes market is more popular among Mauritians and tourists who come to buy clothes and other accessories at very competitive prices on Thursdays and Sundays. The products sold at the fair are generally different from those found in the shops.

The markets in Flacq and Mahebourg are also not to be missed. The first one, which is also the largest, is worth visiting on Wednesdays and Sundays, even if you will find nice products there on other days. Monday is the day to visit the market of Mahebourg. Take the opportunity to make a tour in the village after your shopping to plunge into the authentic Mauritius. 

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