Rodrigues, considered as the little sister of the Mascarenes Islands, is located some 580 kilometres northeast of Mauritius. Small in size, with an area of only 108 square kilometres, the “Cinderella of the Mascarenes” has however a lot to offer! A beautiful unspoilt nature, a vast lagoon for water sports and fishing, a delicious and creative cuisine, and an incredibly welcoming local population. You will inevitably fall under the charm of this island which lives at another pace.

Rodrigues is very popular among land and water sports enthusiasts. It is an ideal playground for walkers and trailers with a hilly terrain that offers a splendid view from wherever you are and a return to nature. The East coast also features exceptional hikes with several coves along this coast, just enjoy the peace and unspoilt nature. The François Leguat Reserve, a reserve for Aldabra giant tortoises is also worth seeing. You will walk among these amazing creatures, reintroduced into the island after their extinction during the colonial era, in a stunning setting. You can visit the caves and the Garden of the Senses on the site.

Rodrigues is famous for its kitesurfing spots in the south-east, an international competition is held there every year, towards the end of June. Line fishing in traditional boats is also an experience to live. One of the fishermen of the island will be happy to take you on board for a roam in the lagoon. There are also local operators who offer fishing outings inside and outside the lagoon, diving sessions and visits of the islands around Rodrigues.

Rodrigues is a vibrant island with a culture of its own. The Sega Tambour, the traditional dance from Rodrigues, is now a UNESCO World Heritage; you definitely have to learn a few steps during your stay, it won’t be that easy though! Its cuisine is not only delectable, it is made with the heart; Sausage rougaille, «ourite» salad (octopus), red beans soup, papaya pie, pork curry and Kono-kono salad, are among the specialties of the island’s gastronomy. Its honey is also renowned, many locals produce their own backyard honey, and it is of very good quality.

When planning your trip to Mauritius, why not book 5-7 days to explore Rodrigues. The flight journey between the two islands lasts only an hour and a half. You will undoubtedly be conquered by your stay in Rodrigues.

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