Visa requirements


Criteria for a successful visa application

  1. A valid passport whose expiration date is not within your planned stay.
  2. A valid return ticket to your country of origin or the country of your permanent residence.
  3. A confirmed booking for an accommodation, such as a hotel reservation. If the travel stay is funded by a local, this must be demonstrated by a receipt indicating the name, address, profession, marital status, identity card and telephone number of the resident.
  4. Sufficient account coverage to cover the cost of the stay (US $ 100 per night).
  5. An affidavit not to participate in profitable actions.


application process

  1. Fully completed and signed application form available at .
  2. The following documents must be enclosed:
    • Two recent passport photos;
    • A copy of the valid passport; if applicable, a copy of the residence / re-entry visa valid for at least three months in applicable cases.
  3. The issuing of a visa takes an average of 5 working days, provided all the necessary documents have been submitted.


Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to enter Mauritius. Alternatively, you can get your visa on arrival for tourist purposes.

For further information, please contact the visa department of the Prime Minister's office.

Click here to see (i) a list of countries whose residents are exempted from the visa requirement; (ii) a list of countries whose citizens are granted a "visa on arrival"; and (iii) a list of countries whose residents require a visa to enter Mauritius .